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Nursing Jobs at Lockheed Martin

November 27th, 2008  |  The Blog

What do you think of first when you hear the name Lockheed Martin? The first things that popped into my mind were jet planes, Iraqi contractors, and the aerospace industry. Now I can add nursing to that list.

It all started one day when I picked up my mail at my local post office. I was shuffling through all of my bills when I came upon a letter from Lockheed Martin. I thought the letter was a piece of junk mail, then I decided to open it up before I threw it out. I was amazed. The letter was an invitation to a nursing job fair. It said:

    Dear Nursing Professional,

    We invite you to bring your career to a unique employer that embraces an extraordinary patient population. As one of the nation’s premier government contractors, Lockheed Martin has been providing America with an unrivaled array of advanced technologies and services for generations. It is in this spirit that our Healthcare Group delivers top-notch medical expertise to the nation’s dedicated military and federal workforces in military hospitals, federal locations, and facilities.

    We will care for the fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, daughters, and sons who have served their country…for the professionals in America’s government who are safeguarding our homeland and doing the work that defines us as a nation.

I went home after I read the letter and I started checking things out. Nurses are signing up with Lockheed Martin as a way of advancing their nursing career. These contract nurses pride themselves for delivering high level, professional and compassionate nursing care to America’s heroes and their families. In addition to great benefits, Lockheed Martin gives nurses the opportunity to
work at world-renowned military hospitals. Working at a hospital like Walter Reed Army Medical Center is a great steppingstone in a nursing career.

Lockheed Martin is looking for nurses from all nursing specialties. Registered nurses must possess an associate, diploma, baccalaureate and or masters degree in nursing from an accredited school of nursing from at least one state or territory in the United States. ICU/CCU nurses and telemetry nurse must have at least 1 year of hospital experience in the last three years and be willing to float to other units within their scope of practice. All nursing candidates must also have the following:

A current state
CRP/AED card
Immunization record
Current PPD/CXD
Hepatitis B vaccination
Current Physical
Flexible schedule

For additional information about nursing jobs at Lockheed Martin, go to

Have you worked as a nurse for Lockheed Martin? Come to Nursing Voices and tell us about your experience. We’re waiting to hear from you.

Terri Polick
About Terri Polick
Terri Polick has been a nurse for thirty years, and is a published author living in Maryland, just outside of Washington, D.C. She is currently working as a freelance writer, and is a frequent contributor to Nursing Spectrum Magazine. Terri works at a local community hospital as a psychiatric nurse.

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