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Healthy Diet Tips for 2016-Part 2

January 4th, 2016  |  The Blog

Welcome back for a look at Healthy Diet Tips for 2016-Part 2. Continuing to build on last week’s discussion, there are a few more tips listed below that will help you eat healthy and even drop a few pounds along the way.

Experts have said for generations that, you are what you eat. It is important to eat healthy in order to be healthy; that is a given fact. Not only is it important to eat the proper vitamins and nutrients, it is also important to maintain a healthy weight and follow a fitness program. Of course, no one should start a new exercise regime without first getting the okay to do so from their physician.

Building on last week’s blog, which offered several health diet tips for 2016, here are a few more ideas that will carry and maintain a healthy lifestyle for you in 2016:

Choose dips carefully

Forget about sour cream-based dips. They are high in calorie and have a high fat content. If you insist on using that special recipe (because you always have!) that calls for sour cream, try substituting non-fat Greek yogurt instead. Better yet, choose hummus or white bean dips that have fewer calories and less saturated fat.

Use boneless, skinless chicken breasts

Chicken is an excellent source of protein. The skin might be tasty but it is high in calorie and high in fat so choose boneless, skinless chicken breasts, which have 40% fewer calories and 25% less saturated fat then those with the skin on.

Fish, fish, fish

The American Heart Association recommends at least two servings of fish per week. Forget the breaded or fried fish and forget the creamy (albeit delicious) sauces like Newburg sauce. Stick with broiled or baked fish recipes. Salmon is a great choice because it has significant heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

Brown versus white rice

The choice is simple, go with brown rice. White rice is a refined product and brown rice is whole grain. Brown rice also has a low glycemic (minimally affects the blood glucose level) index so helps reduce the risk of diabetes. Another perk is that brown rice can be made ahead and freezes well until it is needed.

Lots of veggies

Veggies have far less calories than the preferred starches that Americans so typically enjoy. It is important to eat more fresh vegetables and eat less starchy foods to reduce overall caloric intake.

Adjust the (s)mashed potatoes

Smashed or mashed potatoes are the best. They are warm and gooey and laden with fatty whole milk and butter. Instead of the traditional recipe, try substituting the milk and butter with low-fat buttermilk. Why? Low-fat buttermilk has 49 calories and less than one gram of saturated fat per one-half cup.

Sauce-y secret

Do not use cream to thicken sauces and gravies. Instead, use low-sodium, fat-free broth with some cornstarch as a thickener. This will reduce the calories and eliminate the unhealthy addition of fat.

Eat dessert only on special occasions

A birthday, an anniversary or another special celebration is a good reason to enjoy dessert. Otherwise, eat a piece of fresh, healthy and sweet-enough fruit instead of a high calorie dessert.

Following these healthy diet tips will not make the weight melt off of your frame but the resulting excellent overall health benefits will be seen over time.

Cheers to 2016!


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