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July 20th, 2007  |  You're Being (Web) Paged

Holy cow. Or should I say sheep? I had no idea there were so many knitting nurses out there. A recent search lead me to many blogs by nurses who knit. As a knitting fool my self, I am curious as to why so many of us pick up the needles and yarn after hitting the units.

Can I just say how jealous I am of Nelda? She knits beautiful socks. And she’s obsessed. Could this be from hours of hard work on the floor? Is she so obsessed that she needs to knit like crazy? Well, I say keep on knitting!

Jen is a NICU nurse currently suffering from some carpal tunnel. Her knitting therapy is suffering, so instead she is ranting about the nursing shortage and nurse-patient ratios.

And I’m so happy to see Gail, AKA Yarnnut, is volunteering as a doula. And after reading about some of the patients she cares for, I can see why she needs the fiber therapy.

Woolywoman is a self proclaimed crazy person who’s a nurse and knitting fiend. She’s even met some knitting celebrities. And Barbara knits to de-stress as well; head on over and congratulate her on her new CDE credential.

So how can you start some fiber therapy? You can check out Knitting Help for free online video tutorials. Cheap but totally cool supplies can be found at Knit Picks. Now go start your fiber therapy! There is nothing like the feel of needles that don’t actually break someone’s skin that create beautiful items.

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