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The Post-Winter Tick Population

June 29th, 2015  |  The Blog

The past winter weather was harsh, in so many ways. The cold temperatures and the extreme piles of snow made it a record-breaking season in many parts of the country. We will continue to feel the effects, especially, of the record-breaking snow as we pass through the summer months. How is this possible, you ask? The tiniest of ticks, those troublesome and disease-laden insects, benefitted from the deep snow cover over the winter months. The deep snow cover actually protects tiny ... More »

Drug Free Pain Control

June 25th, 2015  |  The Blog

Pain is real but controlling pain can become unreal. In this world of chronic pain coupled with a rising trend in addiction, there is great concern. It is often difficult to relieve pain without the health risks related to potentially addicting drugs. Chronic pain comes in all forms from back pain to headaches to joint pain and more. About 50% of Americans report that they experience some sort of chronic pain. The Institute of Medicine confirms that about 116 million adults ... More »

Predicting Suicide Risk with a Blood Test

June 16th, 2015  |  The Blog

Suicide is the 8th leading cause of death in the US. Over 1% of all deaths in the US are the result of suicide. About 30,000 Americans die by suicide every year and another 500,000 unsuccessfully attempt to kill themselves. Attempted suicide versus completed suicide is at least 10:1. About 30% to 40% of those who successfully kill themselves have made a previous attempt. The age of suicide victims rises with aging. About 40% of suicide victims are over 60 years old. ... More »

An Updated Prescription Drug Delivery System

June 10th, 2015  |  The Blog

Remembering to take daily medication can be difficult for some patients. Which pill do I take when? This becomes a consummate question, not only in younger years but especially when a patient is elderly. It holds true for everyone. Patients who take multiple medications every day are impacted, as are elderly parents for whom many people provide care. Many patients take their medications directly out of the prescription bottle while others choose to fill a daily or weekly medication holder. Either ... More »

Blood Test to Detect Marijuana

June 3rd, 2015  |  The Blog

A non-invasive test for marijuana detection would be a valuable tool in the work environment and for drug-related driving tests. Researchers are also working to develop a saliva test to detect marijuana in a person's system. With regard to drug usage, marijuana smokers fall into two categories. "Frequent smokers" are those who imbibe more than three times per week. "Occasional smokers" use marijuana less than twice per week. These guidelines were the basic foundation and participant criteria for the research. The Need ... More »

Why Are You So Tired?

May 26th, 2015  |  The Blog

Is your patient just tired or do they have chronic fatigue syndrome? Think again because chronic fatigue syndrome has been renamed, according to the Institute of Medicine (IOM). The IOM is an independent, nonprofit organization that works to offer medical advice to government authorities and the general public. The renaming came about because patients felt that their medical condition, chronic fatigue syndrome, was mocked by the former name. This disease is now called systemic exertion intolerance disease (SEID). Either way, whether ... More »

All About Atrial Fibrillation

May 22nd, 2015  |  The Blog

Atrial fibrillation can be a life-changing diagnosis but not usually a life-ending diagnosis. About 1% of the American population has been diagnosed with atrial fib. Some patients are in atrial fibrillation full-time while others bounce in and out of the irregular cardiac rhythm. The Facts About Atrial Fibrillation Atrial fibrillation is commonly referred to as A Fib, AF or atrial fib. This cardiac condition is an electrical defect in the heart. AF causes an irregular heartbeat or rhythm. It is a cardiac ... More »

The Risks of Tanning

May 15th, 2015  |  The Blog

Summer is fast approaching and so is the urge to get to the beach and get a tan. Skin cancer is the greatest risk created by over-exposure to the sun. Skin Cancer Skin cancer is the most often diagnosed cancer for Americans. Over the past thirty years, the skin cancer incidence in the US has been higher than all other cancers combined. The number of skin cancer cases is estimated to be about 5 million. Again, most of these cases are ... More »

12 Tips for Losing Weight Without Dieting

May 4th, 2015  |  The Blog

Continuing along the same topic as last week's article on weight loss without dieting, here are a few more ways of losing weight without dieting. By incorporating some (or all) of these tips into everyday life, a person can lose at least 10 pounds in a year. So, what are you waiting for?? 1. Try yoga Yoga followers reportedly have a "mindful" approach to eating. They eat until full, not until their plate is empty. Self-awareness is a by-product ... More »

Weight Loss Without Dieting

April 27th, 2015  |  The Blog

Summer is fast approaching. Most everyone has packed on a few extra pounds over the long winter months. Bariatric surgery is not the answer for everyone. The need to work on losing those extra inches of padding is certainly paramount. There are simple and effective ways to lose weight without dieting or undergoing bariatric surgery. Here are a few ideas to work on the slim and trim body everyone wants before summer arrives: Eat slower If necessary, set a 20-minute timer to ... More »


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