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Exercise Versus Obesity

November 20th, 2015  |  The Blog

Exercise is important in all stages of life, young, old and in between. A recent study determined that a lack of regular exercise is potentially twice as deadly as being obese. This is a significant finding given that past information focused on being a person being obese and/or overweight, not making a direct link to the exercise factor. The study declared that 20 minutes of walking per day can be enough exercise to change the risk of early death, when leading ... More »

Uterine Transplants at Cleveland Clinic

November 20th, 2015  |  The Blog

Doctors at Cleveland Clinic are preparing to perform the first ever uterine transplant. This ground-breaking surgical option will change the lives of women who have no uterus. Sweden, at the University of Gothenburg, is the only country in the world to have done successful uterine transplants. The Swedish results include: 9 women have undergone the transplant surgery 4 have given birth; the first baby was born in September 2014 and another is due in January 2016 All babies were born healthy but were premature 2 ... More »

Treating Low Levels of Vitamin D

November 2nd, 2015  |  The Blog

Last week's post asked, Are You Getting Enough Vitamin D? This week's discussion about vitamin D turns to the highs, the lows and the treatment plan available. Vitamin D is the buzz in the world of medicine. Most healthcare providers recommend that a patient take a vitamin D supplement, if their blood level is proven to be low, because past research reported that it is important to sustain bone health. New research reports that a vitamin D deficiency might cause ... More »

Are You Getting Enough Vitamin D?

October 27th, 2015  |  The Blog

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that comes in five forms, D1, D2, D3, D4 and D5. That said, vitamins D2 and D3 are the most important of the five for the human body. The Purposes for Vitamin D Vitamin D has several essential baseline purposes for the body. It helps to regulate calcium and phosphorus absorption in the bones of the body. It also helps the cells of the body to effectively communicate and is essential to strengthen the immune system. This ... More »

Cellphones and Pacemakers

October 23rd, 2015  |  The Blog

According to a recent study, there is good data to support the recommendation that smartphones should be kept a safe distance from implanted cardiac devices. There is a rare chance that signal interference can happen when they are in close proximity. The devices affected include the 2.9 million pacemakers implanted between 1993 and 2009 and implanted defibrillators. The Study? The study was done using the Samsung Galaxy 3, Nokia Lumia and HTC One XL smartphones. Patients with implanted cardiac devices placed a ... More »

Breakfast: The Most Important Meal of the Day

October 14th, 2015  |  The Blog

Everyone's mother always said it and now a study has been done to prove the importance of it...eating breakfast is important. There are many studies investigating what affect eating breakfast has on a person's general health. One study in particular, done by the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH), was a long-term look at almost 27, 000 men, ages 45 to 82 years old, over a 16-year span of time. The Effects of Skipping Breakfast Skipping breakfast can have one or more ... More »

Chicken Pox Cases On The Decline

October 7th, 2015  |  The Blog

To vaccinate a child or not to vaccinate a child?this is a topic of perpetual conversation in the health field. There are mandatory levels of compliance and requirements for children to enter school and there are also families who have an exemption from vaccines due to religious beliefs. There is a heartening report from a recent study that further supports the chickenpox or varicella vaccine because it is doing its job. Basic Chickenpox Facts? This is a highly contagious disease caused by ... More »

No More Cataract Surgery

October 5th, 2015  |  The Blog

Cataracts affect more than three million people a year in the US. As refined as cataract surgery has become over time, it is still a surgical procedure with both risks and benefits. There is a new medical development on the horizon making cataract treatment more attainable for many people and without the trauma and risks of surgery. Eye Lenses Explained The lenses in the eyes are composed mostly of crystalline proteins, which allow the eye to focus and also keep the actual ... More »

Lyme Disease Vaccine

September 23rd, 2015  |  The Blog

Lyme disease, which is contracted from infected Ixodes dammini ticks, is becoming all too popular. According to a recent study at the University of Toronto, Lyme disease cases are on the rise in the United States. The Cause of Lyme Disease The bacteria, Borrelia, most often causes Lyme disease in the US and European cases. In many areas of the US, especially the Northeast, 30% to 50% of deer ticks are infected with the genus Borreila. A tick must be attached to the ... More »

Can You Really Have a Broken Heart?

September 14th, 2015  |  The Blog

You have heard the old adage, "having a broken heart." But, is that really possible? According to the American Heart Association, yes it is. The risk of having a heart attack increases by 21% the day after a loved one dies. During the first week after a death, the risk drops to six times higher than that of someone who is not bereaving a loved one, which is still significant. Broken Heart Syndrome? This is a true cause-and-effect syndrome but there is generally ... More »


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